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About Us

This blog will chronicle our journey from urban condo-dwellers to rural homesteaders. We expect posts to be some mixture of practical how-to that has worked for us, and economic/ecological/philosophical discussions of why we make our choices.

Who we are

We are a married couple who work in a medium-sized city in Michigan. We had been growing increasingly unhappy with the restrictions imposed on us by the condo we lived in. Our original plan had been to sell the condo and then look for a house, when we realized that the foreclosure crisis meant we could pay cash for a house. Looking at foreclosures led our desires from a half acre we could garden, to an acre somewhere we could have chickens for our own eggs, to several acres where we could have goats. We eventually wound up with more than a dozen acres, mostly wooded, in a place that’s zoned agricultural, but doesn’t have too bad a commute to our jobs.

Because Internet disagreements have “followed us home” to become real-world problems in the past, we will use screen names rather than the names on our drivers’ licenses on this blog.

Why we’re doing this

There are some who get into homesteading because it’s been their dream to farm for years. There are others who get into homesteading because they view industrial farming as ecologically damaging, and unsustainable without ever-increasing quantities of petrochemical-derived fertilizers and insecticides. There are still others who get into homesteading as a defensive move, because they see major portions of the US economy as it’s presently structured as unsustainable, and at least a homestead will supply them with food. Our reasons are a combination of the latter two.

Comment Policy

We’ve both been around the Internet long enough to see communities destroyed by an unwillingness to set reasonable boundaries on discussion. Here are our starting points for boundaries, and it is our sincere hope that we will not be forced to elaborate these vague principles further. The first line of moderation will be automated, because we would rather not spend time bogged down in playing playground cop.

While we appreciate a robust discussion, we will not tolerate abusive language or verbal intimidation, and those who subtract from, rather than add to, discussions are likely to find their comments moderated, or perhaps banned altogether. Freedom of speech means the government can’t prevent you from saying things; it doesn’t mean other individuals have to provide a forum in which you insult them or their friends. Anyone who finds our judgment in this to be excessively onerous, is free to start his or her own site, on any of hundreds of hosting services.

Attempts to use our blog to peddle your wares . . . is more complicated. Obvious spam with no connection to the discussion at large will be deleted on sight. Mentions of products that solve a problem under discussion are likely to survive.


Laureth & Murstein

  1. Victoria permalink

    I am the First To Like This. I predict that there will be many more!

  2. Greyhat permalink

    I created a feed for you on LJ so that your LJ friends can see your posts there. Let me know if you want me to share that so they can add you. Only paid members can create new feeds, but once it’s created, any LJ user can add it.

    • Oh hey, thanks! Go ahead if you like, on LJ. I’m all about keeping this blog separate from other online presences, such as Facebook. In other words, I don’t mind LJ people finding this, but I’m not sure I want people from here finding LJ.

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