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An example of a working temperate polyculture

by on May 31, 2015

Cruising the Internet is a great way to see what other minifarmers and permaculturists are doing to make their situations profitable as well as enriching and sustainable. I came across this article today as an example of what someone can do even near zone zero:

De-slugging the Woods: Maple-mushroom-duck polyculture proving to be ecological, economical, and enjoyable for the farmers.

The article explains some of the economics of their polyculture of sugar maple trees (which provide sap for syrup, as well as leaf mold, shade, and a humid environment), shiitake mushroom logs(which provide the bulk of their income in salable, high value mushrooms), and ducks (which provide valuable eggs while supporting the mushroom crop by eating the slugs that would, left unchecked, eat the mushroom crop).

“Further, it’s pretty easy to argue from a quality of life standard, that not having to pick slugs off logs is nearly priceless.” I bet!


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