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A Minifarm Mystery

by on August 10, 2014

Yesterday when we went down to the basement to get a Gatorade out of the minifridge in the basement, we noticed a paw print.

2014.08.10 Paw Big

That’s my hand in the picture, for scale.

2014.08.10 Paw High

Whoever made it is able to reach at least four big soup cans high.

This is kind of creepifyin’.  There is no other clue that an animal had even been in the house.  I would have expected it to tear something up, make a nest, or at least relieve itself somewhere, and there is none of that.  Nothing was the least bit out of place.  And the floor is covered throughout with a mixture of sawdust, dust, construction dust, and roofing shingle dust, so there’s a lot of stuff around that it ought to have stepped in.  The print is made of this debris, but I didn’t see any tracks anywhere else in the house.  Not even on the tar paper I used to cover the floor in one of the rooms.  And there’s no obvious egress for an animal that large.  We have had a couple birds get in, but it would be too high for this.

If it were a two-legged playing a prank, I’d expect other stuff to be moved around, or perhaps missing.  There’s none of that business either.

If I believed in woo-woo, I might think (as Murstein put it) that this is Bast’s seal of approval.  But I don’t, and clearly something was here on the physical, sawdust-tracking plane.  The only thing we can think of is that maybe sometime when we were here with the door open moving stuff around, a cat (?) got in, went over and counted coup on the ‘fridge, and wandered out again.

Too bad it looks more like a skunk or fisher than a cat…

One Comment
  1. Jaiser permalink

    I think it’s a raccoon, despite the chart. They’re crafty and can get in the most inaccessible places.

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