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Flat Nothing

by on April 5, 2014

This weekend there is a Pow Wow nearby.  I’ve gone to this event every year for …a couple decades now.  Never mind how many.  But this year, I decided to forego the fry bread and dump the dancers in exchange for getting another rafter or two done at the Minifarm.  If we could move in a day earlier (years from now), the sacrifice, I felt, would have been worth it.

We started out early and got to the new place before 11 AM.  Just then, Murstein looked around and realized we’d forgotten to buy the kind of screws we need to hold the strong-ties to the wood.  No worries – we’d just head to the hardware store, a few miles away in “town”.  Surely it would just take a short time to go get the screws, come back, and start raftering.  We would get so much done today.  So much!

On the way into “town” we heard a funny noise from the back of the car.  We drove along for a bit, but then the noise leveled up into a really disturbing noise.  We pulled over and took a look.  Sure enough, it was a flat tire.

Since it was on the driver’s side, it meant Murstein was having to change a tire with his tools and self hanging out into a moderately-traveled road with a fast speed limit.  He was wearing his coveralls (which are kind of dirt-colored) and I was afraid he wouldn’t be seen by passing-too-close motorists.  I stood facing oncoming traffic by the tail end of the car so they would see me, standing like stone, hands on my hips, not budging, because my crunched-down man was busy putting on the spare.  I didn’t have my camera with me at the time so you’ll just have to use your imagination, but in my head, Murstein looked a bit like this:


When we got to the hardware store, the clerk looked up the nearest franchise of the tire place where we have a warranty, and gave us directions to a place half an hour’s drive away.  We went there, had lunch at the horrid fast food place next to the tire shop, waited longer than they told us we’d have to wait, and finally – late in the afternoon, got to drive the half-hour back to the minifarm.  By then, it was too late to do any raftering at all (because it would be dark by the time we finished).  Instead, we attended to a couple simple tasks (moving sticks, doctoring a flapping piece of siding) and called it a day.

What did we get done?  Flat. Nothing.

We should have gone to the Pow Wow.

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